The three of us will be choosing/participating in different challenges throughout the creation process. We'll post the date and time we are completing the challenge and of course invite you to join us. If you can't join in that day, why not complete the challenge on your own or with another group of friends? Either way, BLOG about the experience! Let the challenges begin!

Challenge #5 - Write down 3 fantasies! They could be something you've always wanted to try, something your partner(s) likes or something you just thought of. There is no time like the present... so try one of them out! Just make sure you talk to your partner(s) and get consent before you go ahead with anything!

Challenge #4 - Karma Sutra, Cosmo, Google, whereever! Look up sex position (one you've never tried before) and give it a try! You may find something you really like!

Challenge #3 - Have you gotten an STI check recently? Many STI's do not show symptoms and therefore many people can have one and not know it. For this next challenge we encourage you go and get checked! If you have a partner talk to them about it too! Make sure you're healthy and your partner is too!

Challenge #2 - Have you ever wondered how big those condoms can actually get? We have! Up until now it's all been speculation. We challenge to grab a condom and fill it with air or water and see for yourself! Extra points if you post your experience (video, picture, anything) to this blog!!!

Challenge #1 - It's May (National Masturbation Month don't ya know). We encourage you to carry out this challenge for the entire month and for years afterwards! If you haven't masturbated before, give it a try. If you have, try something new. We challenge you to have fun with yourself!